Space invading it.

All around the world, this video game figures have been invading spaces to break with the ordinary.

rab·bit (rab′it)

Noun pl. rabbits. Meaning: Rebirth.
Additionally, rabbits are often used as symbols of playful sexuality, which also relates to the human perception of innocence, as well as its reputation as a prolific breeder.

Japanese word for: obsessive interests. Describes the desire of someone who is obsessed with something. People that will follow your ideas because that is what they are looking for.

Every picture tells a story.

Space Invaders.

Have you seen them?

She´s right.

At the Berlin Wall.

The face.

That part which presents itself to the view.

By: Me.

The Hind.

The Hind (the red female deer), called Eilid in the Gaelic language, symbolises femininity, subtlety and gracefulness. The Hind is believed to call to us from the Faery realm, tempting us to release the material trappings of so-called 'civilization', to go deep into the forest of magic, to explore our own magical and spiritual nature. The topic gentleness is part of this tradition. Many stories tell of Hinds changing into women, often goddesses, to protect those from being hunted.

By: Me.


Amazing set of towels.


Paper hanging from the ceiling.

Even the most simple thing can be admired as a remarkable piece of art.